About Us

Finorium intends to help you take informed decision in a range of financial matters. We aim to focus on certain aspects that baffle people the most.

Banks and financial institutions in India are competing with their products and services. It often becomes difficult for the people to see through the fine prints and choose the best for their financial needs. This is where finorium.com proves its usefulness. The website run by a team of professionals is going to be a big reference book of expert advice and valuable information on various financial issues.

Comparison is the key to finding the best product. However, a mere display of numbers and texts won’t make much sense to many. Finorium aims to create a platform on which experts compare various loan and insurance products and offer their precious comments. The end result will be easy to understand and convert into action.
We try to keep you updated with latest rates of interest on various kinds of loans, such as home loan, personal loan and car loan. Besides, we also attempt to offer you information on new products and services being launched by financial companies in India.

We hope to meet the expectations of our visitors. Browse through our website to unfold new and interesting pieces of information and seek updates on the recent trends and techniques.

Welcome to finorium – a quick way to feel the pulse of Indian finance and economy.