LIC Home Loan Calculator

It is often a good idea to check your eligibility and compute the EMI you can comfortably afford before you can apply at a lender. A home loan calculator is, thus, a helpful tool, enabling you to try with different sets of figures to come up with the correct EMI based on your salary and other income sources.

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LIC offers a range of home loans and housing finance options through an independent entity named as LIC Housing Finance Limited (LICHFL), which came into existence in 1989. The main purpose of the existence of this company is to help homebuyers get the money they need for buying a new home or extending/remodeling an existing one.

The following are some of the major home financing options at LIC Housing Finance Ltd.

  • Home Purchase Loan
  • Construction Loan
  • Home Extension Loan
  • Repairs/Renovation Loan
  • Plot Purchase Loan
  • Refinance Loan

How to know if you are eligible for LIC Home Loans?

You must have a permanent job, steady source of income and a good credit history to qualify for an LIC Housing Finance home loan option. To begin with, you can visit the website of LICHFL and use an appropriate calculator to know how much you can borrow based on your salary or gross monthly income.

To use LIC home loan eligibility calculator, you need the following inputs.

  • Your gross monthly income (must be at least Rs. 10,000)
  • Total current equated monthly installments, if you have any
  • Interest Rate (check the current rate before you use the calculator)
  • Loan Term (can range between 1 and 25 years)
  • The amount of money you can comfortably afford to pay each month as EMI

You can try different combinations of the above to obtain the amount you would be eligible to borrow from LIC Housing Finance Limited under a suitable loan program. Visit to use the loan eligibility calculator of LICHFL.

LIC Home Loan EMI Calculator

There are three ways to know the amount you need to pay each month towards the repayment of your loan with LICHFL.

  1. Use the EMI calculator available at above. You can also generate the amortization schedule (or amortization chart) of your loan repayment.
  2. Visit a third-party website that offers tools like an EMI calculator. The advantage of visiting such a website is that you can compare loan options from different lenders. The website you are currently browsing,, is one such website.
  3. Use an Excel worksheet to calculate the monthly payment. You need to use the formula PMT(rate, nper, pv) where “rate” is the interest rate expressed in percentage and divided by 12, “nper” is the term of loan expressed in the number of months, and “pv” is the principal value that you want to borrow from the housing company.