PNB Home Loans


Punjab National Bank offers normal as well as flexible housing loan options to suit borrowers of different needs. As a large and well-recognized bank, PNB has gained the trust of thousands of clients from across the country. You can avail the services of the bank online as well as by visiting a local branch. You can also contact the customer care by phone for more information about its housing loan products.

PNB Housing Finance Limited (PNBHFL) is a separate entity floated by Punjab National Bank. PNBHFL is registered with National Housing Bank (NHB) to offer a complete range of housing finance options that include loans to purchase or construct a new home, buy a plot, and extend or improve an existing residential unit.

PNB Normal Housing Finance

The best about PNB housing loan is that you are offered with a choice of fixed as well as floating interest rates. Not many banks are going to offer you a fixed-rate option, which offers a kind of stability if you are a permanent employee with a regular income that is always increasing.

Another important point to note is that the bank doesn’t have any hidden fees, which doesn’t let your budget go awry. Flexible repayment options, fast loan processing, affordable EMI and the account-taking-over facility are some of the other benefits with PNB housing loans.

Repayment Term 25 years
Margin Money 20-25%
Processing Fees 0.50% of the loan amount (Max. 20,000 + taxes)
Documentation Charges Rs. 1350 + taxes
Prepayment Charges 2% (when taken over by another bank)


To qualify for a housing finance option at Punjab National Bank, you must be

  • Between 18 and 65 years of age
  • Earning money on a regular basis

You may also want to add the income of your spouse, children or parents to qualify for a bigger loan amount.

Loan Amount

The maximum amount you can borrow at PNB for construction or purchase of a house or flat is dependent on your income and borrowing need. Note that for purchase of a ready-to-move-in house, the money is disbursed in one lump sum. In case of a house under construction, the loan amount is disbursed in stages.

Loan for Repairs and Renovations

PNB also offers loans for repairs, renovations, additions, alterations and furnishing of an existing home. Besides, it offers financing for purchasing land or plot as well. The maximum loan amount is Rs. 25 lakhs if you need financial assistance for house repairs, renovations, additions and alternations.

In case of furnishing a house, you can be sanctioned for a maximum amount of Rs 5 lakhs. Borrowers who want to purchase a plot can have Rs. 50 lakhs to the maximum. The repayment period for loans on repairs, renovations and alternations is 15 years with a maximum moratorium period of six months.

PNB Flexible Housing Loan

Existing home loan borrowers of Punjab National Bank can easily have additional funds in the form of PNB Flexible Housing Loan. They must be below 50 years of age to qualify for this financing scheme, which can be used to buy a second home or carry out repairs or renovations on the first home.

The term loan component of the amount is 80% while the overdraft part is 20% of the loan amount sanctioned. You can repay the term loan component in 25 years, the maximum repayment term offered under the normal housing loan scheme of the bank. To repay the overdraft part, different rules may apply according to the age of the borrower.

The Margin Money is 25% and the processing fees and all other charges are as per the regular housing loan scheme of Punjab National Bank. To check the current interest rates for PNB housing finance schemes, you can visit its official website of the bank. You can also call its customer care at toll free 1800-180-2222 or 1800-103-2222.


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